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  • Freebie: Timeline & Accordion Storyline Interactions

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    Here is some good news this Wednesday morning. In order to make course development even more enjoyable, we share these Storyline Interactions with our customers.

    The accordion is designed in dark-grey and orange colors and can be used to present any kind of additional information in drop-down list.

    The vertical timeline is created for showing any type of course information by clicking on rhomboid buttons.

    Both of the items were made by eLearningchips developers.

    Enjoy! :-)

  • 100+ new Storyline Interactions for e-learning

    Great news for graphic designers and e-course developers! Recently we have added more than 100 Storyline Interactions. Each item has a unique design and is developed by e-learning experts.

    All interactive slides are divided into 10 categories according to their features. E-course information can be presented in pop-up windows, flip cards, with the help of dialogues, steps, timelines, markers, games, etc.

    All Storyline Interactions are fully compatible with Articulate Storyline Player Skins. It may allow you to make a great e-learning project by yourself.

    Feel free to use the layered navigation tool. With the help of it you can filter all interactions by their basic color, price and category. It will surely help you to search quickly at template library.

    Some of new Storyline Interactions are here

  • Meet 20 New Storyline Interactions!


    We are pleased to present 20 new interactive slides! With help of it you can significantly diversify your project. All interactions are presented with different design, colors and structure types.

    Feel free to choose items with various functional interface elements such as timelines, grids, accordions, dialogues and other. An extensive color palette allows you to choose the most pleasant slide color. All interactions are compatible with our Storyline Player Skins and match their color range.

    Feel free to choose the most suitable interactive slide for Articulate Storyline software. You can use the layered navigation tool, which helps you to search quickly at eLearningchips store.

  • Elearningchips to present 1200+ cutout people images for e-learning


    We’ve just reached a new milestone. More than 1200 cutout people characters with multiple poses, emotions and facial expressions are available at


    We took into account the wishes of e-learning experts that's why our cutout characters simulate gestures and emotions which are commonly used during e-course development. Due to a transparent background, you can easily insert image into your project without loss of quality.

    Category search

    To make things even more enjoyable, we’ve improved product categorization. So now, you can navigate cutout people section, sorting photos according to such categories as:

    Layered navigation

    We’ve also implemented layered navigation to make the search even more simple. In conjunction with category search, it will give you the most accurate results. Such feature provides a comfortable and efficient way to search the store catalog by providing filters for product category, price range, style, poses, emotions, etc.

    For example, choose the favorable model, go to "Shop by" tab and click appropriate attributes. The final result will the most closely match your wishes.

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