Creative eLearning: Gamified Interactions To Stand You Out From The Crowd


You’ve probably seen lots of eLearning templates that present educational material in usual ways. These are undoubtedly very useful tools, but they do not cover all the objectives of the educational process. Nowadays, when learning becomes more progressive and interactive, the majority of coachers are faced with the problem of an effective engagement of students into the learning.

One of the possible solutions to this problem could be the use of gamified interactions that present information by means of creative developers’ ideas. Such an approach allows to keep user’s attention during the long period of time. This is especially helpful if your course is filled with complicated and difficult-to-understand material: using of gamified interactions allows users to master it well and without much difficulty.

According to recent research held by Institute of Play, gamified tasks make education more engaging and relevant to modern kids. That is why such interactions are particularly useful in today’s comprehensive training programs. The undeniable advantage of this concept, among other things, concerns its versatility: with help of gamified interactions, you may solve even local relatively small learning units and short-term activities.

Today we are pleased to introduce our small initiative in the development of the gamified interactions: 20+ Articulate Storyline Templates that use the creative design solutions in order to make learning more attractive to users. For example, it is necessary to perform a certain action to complete the task, which is a part of a story plot. In some cases, users must feed the worm or help the angler to get a good catch. In addition, they will be invited to travel around the world or to hold the scientific experiment. Although it sounds weird, it works and has a positive impact, helping users to master the complex material.

In order to familiarize yourself with all the pros of gamified interactions, we invite you to go to product pages and click demo to preview the desirable items. In conclusion, it is important to mention that all the gamified interactions all fully compatible with eLearning Templates and could be easily imported into the training course. Choose the desirable interactions and create the engaging eLearning course.

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