Efficient eLearning: Scenario-based Dialogue Interactions


There are such cases during e-course development when it is necessary to illustrate a particular situation through a face-to-face communication. Typically, this is done in order to simplify the mastering of the course material, dividing it into several text blocks. Some characters are introduced to course in order to maintain a logical chain and to present an appropriate information to users.

In practice, it can be a dialogue between supervisor and subordinate, or conversation between two business partners, or small talk between customer service representative and the client and so on. eLearningchips has prepared a series of scenario-based interactions that illustrate the most common business situations.

For example, in some case, the interaction represents a single choice quiz composed of one question with three possible answer choices including the correct answer and two incorrect answers. After selecting an answer, user gets immediate feedback.

There are also some quizzes with a single choice that are represented in a form of exchange of opinions between two cutout characters. They propose possible solutions (answer options) to the case described in the question box. Feedback messages include both characters’ reactions and relevant comments.

There are also ready-made conversations between the insurance company manager and the client, HR manager and potential candidate, customer and restaurant administrator and much more. The complete list of dialogues are available here.

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