16 New Articulate Storyline Interactions!


Scenario based dialogues, question-answer quizzes, gamified slides – choose the best option for your e-course development!

Today, the rapid advances in eLearning industry are transforming the pattern of visualization techniques. The course development tools offer a wide range of opportunities, providing better mastering of the e-course material. Our new selection of elearning templates offers you to choose interactions that correspond as closely as possible to the requirements of your project.

All interactions are based on Articulate Storyline 2 and are compatible with any type of articulate storyline templates. The outstanding part of the whole selections is an interactive quiz with a life-size cutouts. There are six characters that communicate with each other and when one character is asking a question, the other three characters are offering options for answer. Only one option is correct. User must choose the correct answer to complete the task and to finish the quiz.

The storyline interactions are made to simplify the work of elearning developers and to provide better mastering of elearning material. It could be easily inserted in any elearning project. Storyline Templates are one of the most popular solutions among elearning developers. See the full collection of new interactions below!

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