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  • eLearning Novelties: the line of mind-blowing Thematic / Industry related templates


    We at eLearningchips are pleased to announce the release of the new course starter template line, that will provide you with the truly unique elearning assets. Modern. Stylish. Effective. This is not just an enumeration of adjectives, but actual features.

    If it is to be explained in one sentence, it is a series of the thematic ready-made course starters, grouped according to the most popular goals, that each educator tries to achieve. Analyzing our customers' requests for many years, we had compiled a list of their most frequent requirements. This allowed us to create such course starter templates, where each and every requirement is taken into consideration.

    The first one is to categorize the educational part. In order to save instructional designers from the routine work, we put all their needs together and identified the common and particular features. This help us to arrange all the educational goals and to create such course starter templates, by which these goals can be successfully implemented. Thus, we got our course starters divided into the following topics:

    • Welcome / Induction Course Starter Templates
    • Effective Sales Training Templates
    • Product & Service Course Starter Templates

    The second one is to simplify and to accelerate the process of the e-course development. In order to solve as many pedagogical tasks as possible, we have filled the templates with a variety of layouts and interactions, that are both effective and easy-to-use. Thus, each course starter contains about 50 slides, covering almost any learning situation.

    Moreover, we do not only create thematic course starter templates, but also adapt these templates to the needs of a particular industry. That is why, in the near future, there will be templates for restaurant business, tourism, and many-many others.

    The first course starter is already launched. It is a Welcome Course Player designed for creating induction training for new employees. We created 48 slides, including flip cards, tabs, infographics, timelines, steps, grids, icon style interactions, slideshows and more. Now you will definitely engage your learners and will cover any learning situations!

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