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  • Adobe Captivate Course Starter Template for Food, Café and Restaurant Industry


    The new course starter template for Adobe Captivate is already available at our store. Designed especially for café and restaurant industry, it will allow senior management and HR specialists to introduce newcomers to the company’s activity and to simplify their adaptation.

    The Captivate Course Template for Food Industry consists of 48 interactive slides. The interactions such as tabs, slideshows, flip cards, timelines, markers, and others are also available separately at Adobe Captivate templates library.

    We constantly update our eLearning templates library and try to offer clients only actual products in terms of both functionality and design. Stay tuned for more.

  • eLearning Novelties: Captivate Templates

    adobe captivate templates

    The template library of our stock has been updated with the first Adobe Captivate Course Starter and a series of elearning templates. As in previous cases, we have considered the main wishes of the company's head managers as well as HR specialists, and have created Welcome Induction Course Player - an interactive elearning template which is designed to simplify the adaptation of company's newcomers through their interactive involvement.

    The Course Starter consist of 48 slides, including flip cards, tabs and accordions, icon style interactions, timelines, steps, grid images, slideshows and much more. In order to provide better learning experience, we have maximally filled the template with the different layouts and elearning interactions. Such a variety of interactive tasks will help you to cover any learning situation. The knowledge check module includes several single / multiple choice questions, drag and drop quiz and test with the drop-down lists.

    If your training goals are more narrowly specialized - this is not a problem at all. We have divided all the interactive slides of the Course Starter and have grouped them according to the relevant categories. There are 24 single adobe captivate interactions that can be used to implement the specific educational purposes. It means that you can grab only those templates, that meet the requirements of your training course.

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