October 11, 2017 Weekly Update: new Adobe Captivate Course Starter Template and Lectora Interactions


New Adobe Captivate Template for creating full-fledged eLearning courses

We are glad to represent the new Adobe Captivate course starter template, that is provided by our lead contributor — Technomatix.

It is designed in blue and white colours and is composed of 14 slides. The template would be a great choice to create a powerful training course. Its 9 functional slides will help you to present the course information (text, pictures, audio- and even video- materials) in an easily digestible form. The knowledge check block contains two types of questions: with single and multiple answer options. User gets test results immediately after completion of the course.

The Captivate course starter template was created with Adobe Captivate 9 and is fully compatible with Captivate 2017 version. It is a ready-to-use product: just fill it with your own eLearning content and start to train your students. It launches well on PCs and tablets with screens wider than 7 inches.

Improve e-course effectiveness with new Trivantis Lectora Templates

We also added few Trivantis Lectora interactions to our eLearning templates library. Their main feature is the presence of the cutout people photos, which illustrates course narrators/mentors and their interlocutors. Such templates can be used to create scenario-based dialogues and to provide the course materials in more memorable way. Users like to receive the learning materials from attractive virtual characters, so do not hesitate to use them while create your own e-Courses!

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