November 1, 2017 Weekly Update: new industry-related Lectora & iSpring templates and eLearning interactions


Thematic Course Starter Templates for Trivantis Lectora and iSpring / Powerpoint

We strive to meet the needs of each eCourse developer while work under expand the compatibility of our eLearning templates with all popular authoring tools. And this week we are pleased to introduce few new Trivantis Lectora and iSpring Suite course starter templates, which were previously released for Articulate Storyline.

The Effective Sales Lectora course starter template would be an excellent choice to create powerful training programs for sales area. It contains 57 slides (timelines, grids, quizzes, etc.) to reveal the learning materials and to check learner's knowledge. Some interactive slides are also available separately, so you can take only those which you need.

Two iSpring / PowerPoint course starter templates allow you to create a fascinating induction training for new company employees. The first one - Welcome / Induction Course Starter Template - is suitable for companies of any industry, and the second one - Medical Industry Welcome Course Starter Template - is created especially for medical institutions. Each template contains more than 40 slides, cutout people photos, checking knowledge part, and many more. They are represented with two player types: standart iSpring and custom. It is possible to view iSpring / PowerPoint courses anytime and anywhere with the iSpring Play mobile app.

New Articulate Storyline & Trivantis Lectora eLearning Interactions

We've also added few new Storyline and Lectora interactions to our eLearning templates library. Some of them would be a great helper to present the course information in an easily perceptible form, and the others are designed to check learner's knowledge. Try to use eLearning interactions in order to make your e-course more functional and memorable for students.

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