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  • December 27, 2017 Weekly Update: Products / Services Storyline Course Starter Template & new eLearning interactions


    Products / Services — Articulate Storyline Course Starter Template

    The new thematic course starter template for Articulate Storyline authoring tool is already available on our stock. It would be a perfect choice to create a training course about the products and services offered by the company. Designed mostly in white and grey colors, it is represented with the standard Storyline player frame.

    The ready-made template is composed of 51 slides which are invented to reveal the course materials and to check learner's knowledge. It consists such interactions as tabs and buttons, flip cards, grids, timelines, slideshows, and more. The knowledge check part contains five tasks: questions with single and multiple choice, and few drag and drop quizzes. All interactive slides from this course template are also available separately.

    The course starter template perfectly launches on both PC and mobile devices. The recommended screen diagonal for comfortable viewing is at least 7 inches. The course transfers data to LMS according to SCORM, AICC and Tin Can API standards. It is possible to launch it in off-line mode on mobile phone or tablet by downloading Articulate Mobile Player that is available for devices based on iOS or Android.

    New eLearning Interactions for Articulate Storyline and Trivantis Lectora

    And several new interactive slides for eLearning developers! Designed with Articulate Storyline / Lectora Publisher authoring tool, they allow you to create a powerful training program according to your needs. Feel free to browse through our huge template library and pick any item(s) you like.

  • December 20, 2017 Weekly Update: new eLearning templates for Articulate Storyline and Trivantis Lectora


    We are glad to introduce a couple of new ready-made eLearning templates.

    The first interactive slide is designed with Articulate Storyline, and the second - with Lectora Publisher authoring tool. They would be a great helper to facilitate the development of e-courses: insert the chosen template into the project, fill it with your educational content and start the training. Both interactive slides launch well on PCs and mobile devices. It's possible to customize any slide's detail according to your individual requirements.

    Stay with us to be the first to know about our new releases!

  • December 6, 2017 Weekly Update: new Trivantis Lectora templates for eLearning developers


    We've already prepared several new Trivantis Lectora templates on this week, and we're glad to represent them to all eCourse developers. The templates have various useful features. Two of them contain several questions, they are intended to create checking knowledge modules. The third one was created in a gamified form: a user will find himself driving a car and will have to move through few checkpoints on the map and to learn the information about them.

    Our eLearning templates have unique and pleasant design that grabs learner's attention and will help to improve the course results. They work well on both PCs and mobile devices with screens larger than 7 inches. Designed with Lectora Publisher 16, each interactive slide can be built into the Lectora Publisher course template. Improve your own training courses with our fascinating Lectora templates!

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