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  • February 28, 2018 Weekly Update: Products and Services iSpring / PowerPoint Course Starter Template & new eLearning interactions


    We've got great news for those eLearning developers who use iSpring / PowerPoint authoring tool to create e-courses. The "Products / Services" course starter template, that was previously released for Articulate Storyline software, is now available for iSpring Suite.

    The template is composed of 46 slides. It would be a great helper to introduce products and services of the company and to learn all the necessary information about them. The template contains such interactive slides as flip cards, tabs, timelines, steps, grids, slideshows, quizzes, and more. The knowledge check module includes two tasks with single and multiple answer options. The course is filled with cutout people images which are excellent for better illustration of the training materials.

    The template works well on both PCs and mobile devices with the screen size larger than 7 inches. It transfers results to LMS according to SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API standards. It's possible to view the course in off-line mode by downloading the iSpring Play app on iOS / Android devices.

    Several new eLearning templates are already available on stock. Developed with Articulate Storyline 2 software, they are fully compatible with the newest Storyline 3 / 360 versions. The Storyline templates allow you to provide the learning materials in an easily perceptible form and to check student's knowledge. All you need is just to insert the template slide into the project and to fill it with the training materials. Save your time on unnecessary tasks by using our ready-made interactive slides!

  • February 21, 2018 Weekly Update: new e-Learning templates for eCourse developers


    Meet our new e-Learning templates which were added to stock last week.

    The templates are designed with Articulate Storyline and Lectora Publisher tools. They would be a great choice to present the course materials in an easily perceivable form. Some templates contain few cutout people images to illustrate the characters of a course. All you need is to insert the slide template into the project and to fill it with the educational content.

    Stay with us to be the first to learn about our upcoming novelties.

  • February 14, 2018 Weekly Update: new Articulate Storyline templates for e-Course developers


    Great news for eLearning developers: a couple of new Articulate Storyline templates are already available on stock!

    The first template represents a quiz with four tabbed tasks. Each task is a question with a single choice answer option. The learner should give the correct answers to all the questions to complete the test. And he would be able to try again in case of an unsuccessful attempt.

    The second Articulate Storyline template would be a great choice to illustrate a dialogue between the repairman and the aged businessman. It contains 5 tabs, the user can switch between them by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

    Both templates consist cutout character photos for better illustration of the learning materials. They work well on both PCs and tablets with the screen size larger than 7 inches. Try to use our fascinating templates to engage students in training!

  • February 7, 2018 Weekly Update: new quiz templates for Articulate Storyline


    We are glad to introduce a couple of new Articulate Storyline templates!

    Both of them are quizzes, which consist of one task. The learner must give a correct answer to the proposed question to complete the test. The templates contain cutout people images which are used to improve the perception of learning information. Such Storyline quiz templates allow you to check student's knowledge and to display the results immediately after the test is completed.

    Our Articulate Storyline templates are distinguished by a unique design and extensive functionality. They are developed with Storyline 2 authoring tool and fully compatible with the most recent versions - Storyline 3 and 360. All templates launch well on both PCs and mobile devices with screens larger than 7 inches. Look through our huge Storyline templates library, choose the interactions you like and use them to improve your training courses.

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