February 14, 2018 Weekly Update: new Articulate Storyline templates for e-Course developers


Great news for eLearning developers: a couple of new Articulate Storyline templates are already available on stock!

The first template represents a quiz with four tabbed tasks. Each task is a question with a single choice answer option. The learner should give the correct answers to all the questions to complete the test. And he would be able to try again in case of an unsuccessful attempt.

The second Articulate Storyline template would be a great choice to illustrate a dialogue between the repairman and the aged businessman. It contains 5 tabs, the user can switch between them by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

Both templates consist cutout character photos for better illustration of the learning materials. They work well on both PCs and tablets with the screen size larger than 7 inches. Try to use our fascinating templates to engage students in training!

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