February 6, 2019 Library Update: new Vector Illustrations for eCourse Creators


Great news for eCourse developers! The eLearning Assets library has been updated with new vector illustrations which were provided by our contributor Voysla. His vector characters would be a great addition for e-courses on general educational or narrowly focused topics. Teachers of various disciplines, photographers and videographers, doctors and medicians are represented in various poses and with different equipment. They can be used as narrators, main or secondary characters of the courses.

Characters and round avatars, grouped in thematic sets, are the most beneficial for all developers. Universal character packages are suitable for creating a large number of comprehensive educational courses in which different heroes are involved.

New vector icons and objects would become a great helper in creating the unique design of distance learning courses. Icon sets are characterized by a single style and theme. All products are available in raster (.PNG) and vector (.EPS) formats.

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