August 14, 2019 Library Update: new Articulate Storyline tempates for e-Learning developers


Good news for those eLearning developers who use Articulate Storyline to develop own e-courses! Over the last week we`ve added 7 new interactions created with Storyline 2 / 3 authoring tools. The templates differ in their main features: the tabbed ones would be a great helper to represent the course materials in an easily perceptible form; the slideshow could be used to display the learning information in a correct sequence; and the markers templates are good choice for the visual association of the training material with a specific object on the screen. They will surely engage user's attention. The templates are filled with unique graphic elements. They are the ready-to-use products which launch perfectly on PCs and Tablets with screen size larger than 7 inches.

Keep an eye on our news in order to be the first who gets to know about new arrivals of eLearning assets.

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