December 11, 2019 Library Update: new Trivantis Lectora Induction Course Starter Template for Banks & Financial Institutions

trivantis lectora welcome course starter template banking financial

We are glad to introduce the new Course Starter Template that has been contributed to our store by the Technomatix company. It was previously released for Articulate Storyline, and now the course template becomes available for Trivantis Lectora authoring tool users!

This Welcome / Induction course starter template is composed of 35 slides divided into 4 topics and a checking knowledge block. It contains various interaction slides such as accordions, grids, timelines, etc. The quiz block includes two test tasks such as questions with the single and multiple choice. The student can view the course results immediately after the end of the course.

The template is designed with Lectora Publisher 16 and is fully compatible with its most recent versions. The course transfers results to LMS according to SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API standards. The recommended screen diagonal for comfortable usage is at least 7 inches. It could also be converted to the .PKG file format to upload and work with in Lectora Online.

All interactions from the Banking / Financial Industry Welcome Course Starter Template are available separately. It is possible to pick only those slides which you need. We hope that our templates will help you to create amazing eLearning projects!

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