April 8, 2020 Library Update: new Adobe Captivate Induction Course Starter Template for Banks & Financial Institutions

Banking and Financial Industry — Adobe Captivate Course Starter Template

Banking / Financial Industry Course Starter Template — Adobe Captivate

We are glad to introduce the new Welcome / Induction course starter template that was added to the library last week. It is designed specifically for banks and financial institutions. The course template is filled with thematic graphics. It also contains cutout people images which are used to illustrate bank employees.

This Welcome / Induction course starter template is composed of 37 slides divided into 4 topics and knowledge check block. It contains various interaction slides such as accordions, grids, timelines, etc. The quiz block includes few test tasks: questions with single and multiple choice, and drag and drop quiz. A learner can view the course results immediately after the end of the course.

The Captivate course starter template was created with Adobe Captivate 9 tool. It is fully compatible with the most recent tool versions up to Captivate 2019. It is a ready-to-use product: just fill it with your own eLearning content and start to train your students. It launches well on PCs and tablets with screens wider than 7 inches. The course transfers results to LMS according to SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API standards.

Banking / Financial Industry Interactive Slides — Adobe Captivate

All interactive slides from this course template are also available separately. It is possible to take only those slides that you need, without purchasing the whole course template. Just browse through our Adobe Captivate templates library and pick the interactions you like.

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