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Classy Vector Character Fred

  • Character: fashionably wearing business man

  • Appearance: European

  • Profession: web-designer, programmer, SMM manager, supervisor, business-coach, etc.

  • Front: short red hair, stylish haircut; attractively green eyes and small wrinkles on the forehead

  • Wearing: stylish formal grey suit

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Fashionably wearing business man, dressed in the latest fashion. Fred prefers formal grey suit with a black tie. Created in bright, spectacular style. He looks graceful and self-assured. Fred easily grabs clients attention and leaves lasting impression. Could be used in any kind of artwork, no matter if it print or web connected. Fred's good at doing various stuff and always getting what he wants. The set contains 5 different poses, including bent arm, hand in a pocket, holding the handbag, etc. Choose him now and he'll effectively liven up your e-learning courses.

Technical details

  • Software: Adobe Illustrator
  • Software version: CS10
  • Raster file format: PNG 4961x3508 42x29cm/16.5''x11.4'' 300dpi
  • Vector file format: EPS


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