Blood Donation Vector Infographics

  • Category: vector character / infographics;

  • Type: informational / health and medical;

  • Story: blood donation;

  • Appearance: young man, young woman, nurse, doctor, blood donor, sitting in chair, sitting behind the table, sleeping, running, get sickk, ill, with phone, holding phone, listen to the music;

  • Application area: web-design projects (e-learning, marketing, advertising, etc.);

SKU: CHAR_017_SET_0002



Blood Donation Vector Infographics. It is excellent to illustrate the key recommendations for those who who donate their blood for the needy. Would be a perfect addition for web and print related projects such as elearning courses, presentations, promotions, etc. It is available in two formats: vector (.EPS) and raster (.PNG). Feel free to choose the right format that fully fits your needs. Keep in mind that it is possible to resize and modify the vector one according to your requirements.

Technical details

  • Software: Adobe Illustrator
  • Software version: CS10
  • Raster file format: PNG 1141 X 1356 300dpi
  • Vector file format: EPS


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