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*** 1 Year Subscription *** Cutout People Library

Stock Products Included in the Subscription

  • Cutout people photos of any size except those which are provided under the terms of Extended License

Subscription Terms and Conditions

  • Validity: 12 months

  • Download limit: 100 cutout photos per month




  • Subscription is valid for 12 months from the date of its acquisition
  • Subscription does not apply to the Extended License option
  • After acquiring a subscription, it is also possible to purchase products on demand, including the Extended License option
  • Subscription does not apply to products from the Special Offers category, including photo and template packages
  • There is no opportunity to use multiple subscriptions to the same product category in one account. It is possible to create a new user account to purchase an additional subscription.
  • We limit the total number of downloads by subscription to avoid cheating. Please, contact our manager for exclusive terms and conditions: sales@elearningchips.com
  • You can purchase a subscription by credit card or bank transfer. To obtain a copy of invoice, please contact our manager: sales@elearningchips.com


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