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Cutout People Photos for eLearning Developers

We've collected thousands of high-resolutional cutout people png photos to satisfy the needs of eLearning course developers. All images are available in several sizes and over transparent background. Just insert the picture into the project, without any further processing. Subscribe to the cutout people library and try all the new ones first!


Cutout Character Images to Enliven eLearning Courses

Lots of professional models photos are divided into various thematical categories. All character images are already sorted by clothing style, gender and age, emotions, gestures, and more. It is very easy to find exactly what you need.

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Course Starters (146)

eLearning Templates that contain a set of already designed slides to help you create the unique course in a short time

Cutout People Library (6966)

Plenty of cutout people images on transparent backgrounds divided by style, professions, poses and emotions

Stock Photos (376)

High-quality stock photos shooted by the professional photographers from all over the world

Interaction Templates (2410)

Interactive slide templates that help to engage users in training

Vector Characters (451)

Ready-made characters designed in all kinds of postures to satisfy the developer's needs

Infographics (615)

Various elearning assets, including charts & diagrams, vector icons, callouts, fonts, etc.

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