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Open Door With Card Quiz — Storyline Template

  • Category: elearning templates

  • Type: storyline template / interaction

  • Software: Articulate Storyline 2 / 3 / 360

  • Group: drag and drop / quizzes

  • Basic color: black / white / grey

  • Total number of draggable objects: 4

  • Features: creative design solution to check learner's knowledge

  • Demo

SKU: INT_001_ASL_0278_3



Storyline Open Door With Card Quiz Template is based on Articulate Storyline 2 software. The user must drag the card with the correct answer option to the lock area. It is possible to retry in case of an unsuccessful attempt. The Storyline Template is a ready-to-use product, that is compatible with any kind of Storyline Course Player. You'll surely create an effective e-course with its help. Interaction perfectly runs on both tablet and PC.

Storyline Templates are widely used during e-course development. There are lots of customizable options that simplify the work of developers, helping to save time.

Technical details

  • Can be published for: Flash, HTML5, CD
  • Best display on: PC/Tablet
  • Runs on: PC, tablet, mobile devices
  • Flash browsers supported by: Internet Explorer 8 and later, Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version), Safari 7 and later
  • HTML5 browsers supported by: Google Chrome (latest version), Safari 7 and later
  • Viewing ОS: Windows, Android, iOS


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