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Innovative Office Room Vector Background

  • Category: office interior

  • Type: workplace

  • Application area: web-designed projects (e-learning, marketing, advertising, etc.)

SKU: LOC_001_0022




Innovatively constructed office interior, designed in visually attractive light-green colours. The whole exposition is creatively combined and contains a few décor elements: a couple of shelves and PCs, a pair of modern office chairs and some stationary. Could be used in any kind of web-projects such as presentations, illustrations and advertising. Perfectly suits for a managers’ office room. May be customized with other chips for creating an effective e-learning courses.

Technical details

  • Software: Adobe Illustrator
  • Software version: CS10
  • Raster file format: PNG 4961x3508 42x29cm/16.5''x11.4'' 300dpi
  • Vector file format: EPS


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