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Cutout Man With Hands Interlocked

  • Type: photo;

  • Photo Model: Artem

  • Category: cutout character;

  • Appearance: European, bearded, businessman, hands interlocked, good-looking, presentable;

  • Style: business clothes, white shirt and black trousers;

  • Posture: closed;

  • Background: transparent;

  • Application area: web-design projects (e-learning, marketing, advertising, etc.);

SKU: PH_007_ARTEM_005




Full-length cutout image of handsome young man. In this photo Artem is standing confident with his hands interlocked. Would perfectly illustrate the person who act like a businessman.

This cutout character has a presentable look and would be perfect illustration of a successful young businessman. His distinctive feature is a modern catchy appearance combined with the classic fashion style.

Cheap cutout people images are available in a few formats: S, M, L and XL. In such a way, it is possible to choose the size of the image that suits you best. Feel free to choose any character as a great helper to make students experience better.

Technical details

  • Raster PNG 334 X 500 300dpi Size S
  • Raster PNG 668 X 1000 300dpi Size M
  • Raster PNG 1335 X 2000 300dpi Size L
  • Raster PNG 4016 X 6016 300dpi Size XL
  • vRaster PNG 4016 X 6016 300dpi Size XL (Extended License)
  • Transparent Background: available


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