Concerned Man About What He Saw On Phone Cutout Photo

  • Type: photo;

  • Photo Model: Miao

  • Category: cutout character;

  • Appearance: Asian, male, young man, guy, adult, businessman, fashion, account manager, office employee, intelligent, educated, clever, person, elegant, stylish, dark hair, nice, short haircut, handsome, attractive, good-looking, focused, serious, concentrated, confused, raise arms, thoughtful, puzzled, worried, keeping in hand, with phone in arm, holding a mobile phone in right hand, looking down, mobile phone, wonder, smartphone, concerned from what he saw, amazement, left hand on the waist, talking, surprised, answers a call, reading, waiting or looking for message, disappointed;

  • Style: business casual, black pants, white shirt and grey jacket;

  • Posture: open;

  • Background: transparent;

  • Application area: web-design projects (e-learning, marketing, advertising, etc.) ;

SKU: PH_007_Miao_088



The high-quality cutout image of a young asian man dressed in business casual clothes. He has dark hair with short haircut. This handsome cut out model provides you more opportunities to create an interesting visual story. He can be used to illustrate a teahcer, office employee, or retail salesman. The photo is perfect for developing web-design projects (e learning courses, presentations, marketing messages, etc.). All of our high quality cutout images are available in various sizes so you can pick any of them that meets your requirements.

The high resolution photo goes with transparent background that helps you to create the most effective e-courses. We have collected lots of people cut outs with different poses, gestures gadgets and facial expressions. Just pick the ones you like and start to create your own projects!


Technical details

  • Raster PNG 336 X 1000 300dpi Size M
  • Raster PNG 671 X 2000 300dpi Size L
  • Raster PNG 1615 X 4813 300dpi Size XL
  • Raster PNG 1615 X 4813 300dpi Size XL (Extended License)


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