Cutout Photo Of Nice Therapist Makes Scales Gesture

  • Type: photo;

  • Photo Model: Sandro

  • Category: cutout character;

  • Appearance: Latin American, male, young man, guy, dark hair, short haircut, doctor, medical, health, professional, medicine, practitioner, physician, surgeon, care, treatment, attractive, nice, good-looking, with stethoscope, with phonendoscope, presenting, scales, showing, holding presentation, gesture, gesturing, throwing hands up, raising arms, spread arms, presentable, focused, calm, confident, attentive, concentrated;

  • Style: white medical gown, white classic shirt, grey pants;

  • Posture: open;

  • Background: transparent;

  • Application area: web-design projects (e-learning, marketing, advertising, etc.) ;

SKU: PH_007_Sandro2_033




Full-sized cutout photo of a presentable young doctor standing in full growth while making the scales gesture. His eyes are directed on a right hand. The cut out photo would be an excellent addition to any type of web or print related project. The availability of the transparent background allows you just to drop the image over a slide, without any further processing. It's available in few formats such as M, L and XL, to fit the needs of any customer. Feel free to look through our huge cutout people library and pick any photo(s) you need.

Technical details

  • Raster PNG 706 X 1000 300dpi Size M
  • Raster PNG 1411 X 2000 300dpi Size L
  • Raster PNG 3320 X 4706 300dpi Size XL
  • Raster PNG 3320 X 4706 300dpi Size XL (Extended License)


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