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Confident Business Man Wearing Eyeglasses Cutout Picture

  • Type: cutout photo;

  • Category: cutout character;

  • Appearance: European, young man, guy, adult, male, brown hair, short haircut, businessman, attractive, good-looking, nice, handsome, mustaches, confident, focused, concentrated, friendly, wearing glasses, hand in pocket, raised hand, correcting eye glasses;

  • Style: business wear, gray formal suit, white shirt and black tie;

  • Posture: open;

  • Background: transparent;

  • Application area: web-design projects (e-learning, marketing, advertising, etc.);

SKU: PH_026_149



Full-resolution cutout picture of a handsome young businessman correcting eyeglasses he wore on. His eyes are focused on a camera. A man is dressed in formal suit. Would be useful for illustrating male business character in any kind of web and print related projects. We've collected lots of attractive people photos taken by professional photographers and put them over the transparent background. Feel free to browse through our huge cut out people library and pick any item(s) you need to create an own amazing e-course.

Technical details

  • Raster PNG 335 X 1000 300dpi Size M
  • Raster PNG 670 X 2000 300dpi Size L
  • Raster PNG 1728 X 5156 300dpi Size XL
  • Raster PNG 1728 X 5156 300dpi Size XL (Extended License)


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