• eLearning Novelties: Captivate Templates

    adobe captivate templates

    The template library of our stock has been updated with the first Adobe Captivate Course Starter and a series of elearning templates. As in previous cases, we have considered the main wishes of the company's head managers as well as HR specialists, and have created Welcome Induction Course Player - an interactive elearning template which is designed to simplify the adaptation of company's newcomers through their interactive involvement.

    The Course Starter consist of 48 slides, including flip cards, tabs and accordions, icon style interactions, timelines, steps, grid images, slideshows and much more. In order to provide better learning experience, we have maximally filled the template with the different layouts and elearning interactions. Such a variety of interactive tasks will help you to cover any learning situation. The knowledge check module includes several single / multiple choice questions, drag and drop quiz and test with the drop-down lists.

    If your training goals are more narrowly specialized - this is not a problem at all. We have divided all the interactive slides of the Course Starter and have grouped them according to the relevant categories. There are 24 single adobe captivate interactions that can be used to implement the specific educational purposes. It means that you can grab only those templates, that meet the requirements of your training course.

  • eLearning Novelties: Welcome Course Starter for Food Industry


    We continue to fill up a new product line. The second course starter relates to welcome induction trainings and is dedicated to food / cafe / restaurant industry. This template is a helpful tool for those who create elearning courses for culinary workers. It will surely help you to provide a positive and consistent first experience for all new employees.

    We created 48 slides, including flip cards, tabs, infographics, timelines, steps, grids, icon style interactions, slideshows and more. The knowledge check module includes several tasks such as single / multiple choice questions, drag and drop quiz and test with drop-down lists.

    The photos of nice cutout characters dressed in chef's and waiter's uniform are used to facilitate the perception of the course information.

  • eLearning Novelties: the line of mind-blowing Thematic / Industry related templates


    We at eLearningchips are pleased to announce the release of the new course starter template line, that will provide you with the truly unique elearning assets. Modern. Stylish. Effective. This is not just an enumeration of adjectives, but actual features.

    If it is to be explained in one sentence, it is a series of the thematic ready-made course starters, grouped according to the most popular goals, that each educator tries to achieve. Analyzing our customers' requests for many years, we had compiled a list of their most frequent requirements. This allowed us to create such course starter templates, where each and every requirement is taken into consideration.

    The first one is to categorize the educational part. In order to save instructional designers from the routine work, we put all their needs together and identified the common and particular features. This help us to arrange all the educational goals and to create such course starter templates, by which these goals can be successfully implemented. Thus, we got our course starters divided into the following topics:

    • Welcome / Induction Course Starter Templates
    • Effective Sales Training Templates
    • Product & Service Course Starter Templates

    The second one is to simplify and to accelerate the process of the e-course development. In order to solve as many pedagogical tasks as possible, we have filled the templates with a variety of layouts and interactions, that are both effective and easy-to-use. Thus, each course starter contains about 50 slides, covering almost any learning situation.

    Moreover, we do not only create thematic course starter templates, but also adapt these templates to the needs of a particular industry. That is why, in the near future, there will be templates for restaurant business, tourism, and many-many others.

    The first course starter is already launched. It is a Welcome Course Player designed for creating induction training for new employees. We created 48 slides, including flip cards, tabs, infographics, timelines, steps, grids, icon style interactions, slideshows and more. Now you will definitely engage your learners and will cover any learning situations!

  • An important notice about product distribution changes

    Dear Friends!

    According to payment systems demands, we are forced to refuse the distribution of the free items directly from website. All the products from the "Free" section are now available in the relevant categories with the fixed price. We are also required to remove the deposit vouchers in order to keep the terms of service.

    However, this does not mean that we no longer provide you with the free elearning assets. Follow us on social media and get your templates, interactions and cutouts every Friday. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive the unique e-learning gifts every month.

    Moreover, a profitable subscription plan will be also available soon. Stay tuned!

  • April 2017 Library Updates: eLearning Templates + Cutout People Characters


    Every months we expand the product line-up to keep pace with the times, handle new issues and respond to new challenges. April allowed us to present the unique Storyline and iSpring / PowerPoint Templates to make students fell involved in the process of training more than ever. We have moved away from the usual ways of presenting information, focusing on the original design ideas. Some of the templates will allow you to observe the full range of worker's duties; others will transfer to a fascinating drag and drop quiz. No boredom. No routine. Engage your students with the interactive workflow.

    In order to make your courses even more amazing, we gladly introduce the full-resolution cutout people photos from eLearningchips new Contributor - FilipWarulik. For your consideration - 200+ high-quality images of various poses and facial expressions presented with the transparent backgrounds.

  • Shop online safely with you Credit Card!

    Dear Friends!

    As from today one more payment method is available on elearningchips! In order to provide you with the best buying experience, we simplify the online payments and give you an opportunity to make shopping via 2checkout.

    This is absolutely safe and reliable Payment Gateway which saves you from routine. Just fill in all the required fields and shop online with your Credit Card.

  • No fine clothes can hide the clown… Apparently


    Anyone who tries to educate employees with a help of e-learning solutions may come across, at least, several problems. One of the key points in this context is the course design. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

    No matter how good the content is – it is completely ineffective if the course design has no proper realization. So, how to dress up the e-learning course in order to make it not only visually attractive, but also efficient according to educational point of view?

    There are the two essential pillars on which the successful course design is based. The first one is the compliance with the educational goals. The second one can be described as a sense of proportion. There would be no proper design in case you miss at least one of these key points. This seems obvious but many people often forget about it.

    The compliance with the educational goals

    Any visual realization of the course concept should be subjected to the educational goals that are expected to be achieved after the course completion. If customers want their managers to be the greatest sales agents in the world, there is no need to force them to take any actions they are not supposed to, such as camping in the woods etc. The virtual shop where users can improve their marketing skills would be much more efficient.

    The sense of proportion

    The main purpose of the course design is to ensure a positive impact on users’ perception. However, more is not always better: bright material attracts user’s attention. On the one hand that is extremely useful for solving educational tasks, but on the other hand it distracts from the content. Thus, it looks cool but useless.

    Therefore, the course design should be relevant enough in order to engage in training activities, to inspire users' creativity and to provide better mastering of the educational material. Briefly, it can be described as a discreet elegance: user should keep in mind the main purpose of the e-learning course, analyzing its theoretical structure.

    Thus, to protect the pillars from destruction, the creative mind of a course designer should fit perfectly into the overall composition. In this regard, to ensure the educational quality of the e-learning course, the following steps should be taken:

    • initial analysis of the target audience
    • definition of the educational objectives and goals
    • detailed study of the course material
    • selection of the e-learning tools
    • creation of content
    • creation of graphic design
    • e-course narration
    • e-course development

    Please note: even the most pleasant result may need to be improved after course testing.

    The Style

    The educational goals are defined and the middle ground is prevailed, but eventually the course is failed. Well, it happens. If you dig deeper, you will find another essential element of the e-course development – the style. There are many styles in the arsenal of a modern graphic designer, but you should be aware that not every style fits the e-course content. We know many cases when a specific design is simply not appropriate (for example, legal documents and cartoons are not relevant at all). Moreover, each e-course style requires a specific methodological approach.

    Minimalism with infographic elements holds a strong position in the e-learning field. If you choose this style, you e-course can be both bright and discreet. High quality photos and beautifully designed text help e-course developers to simplify even the most complex material, making it clear and visually attractive. If there are many charts and diagrams, this type of design helps you to combine them into coherent visual blocks.


    Another highly demanded design style is 3D-graphics – a set of procedures and techniques for creating various illustrations. The e-course developers have a lot of creative space because there are no any specific restrictions as in a previous method. You can use the three-dimensional objects, vector and photo characters, which would be more vivid and attractive with some infographic inclusions.


    There are many e-course topics, which can be illustrated with a help of such design techniques as retro, vintage or grunge. The first two of these styles are easily recognizable due to the thematic images, the muted tones, the proper textures and various graphic effects that give a vintage look to the whole slide objects. These styles recreate the atmosphere of the ancient times and effectively represent the main idea of various projects. It could be some training courses for catering business, travel companies, photo studios and much more. The distinctive feature of the grunge style is a creative negligence. All these spots, abrasions and dark palettes contain some allusions to freedom. Please, be aware: the usage of these styles requires caution – it is extremely necessary to keep sense of proportion.

    Conservative style with its restrained interface is something completely different: the texts in such courses are designed rather simply, but visually attractive slides provide better mastering of the educational material in accordance with the pedagogical tasks. Such courses help users catch the main idea quickly and have no excesses at all.


    One of the most criticized styles today is skeuomorph, which was one of the most popular design techniques several years ago. It is quite reasonable according to user-friendly interface – each element is accurately detailed, including substrate and buttons. There is no need to look for the undertones. The distinctive feature of the skeuomorph is the simulation of the real-life objects.


    Despite the fact that many e-course developers criticize skeuomorph for a poor creativity, it has no bad effect on its use. In this case, the popularity is a matter of tendentiousness, which is not harmful at all.

    If the style corresponds to the design task, you’ll get bright and effective e-course. However, let’s go back to the main thesis which we’ve put in the title. Please, note: even the coolest design will not save the course with poor content. Therefore, always keep in mind the leading role of what you are going to present.

    In other words, under the bright cloth there should be something else. Good luck!

  • Customization Services


    As of today, eLearningchips offers the list of customization services in order to provide your elearning courses with an appropriate training materials. We attract qualified specialists, including instructional and graphic designers and content developers to ensure high-level results. Now you're able to customize the elearning items, just indicating the desirable features. All the custom products are created according to the stringent levels of quality.

    For more details, please visit Custom Development page.

  • New iSpring Templates are recently launched!


    Taking into account the wishes of our customers, now we offer a first line of iSpring Powerpoint Templates for elearning. Here there are eleven items ready for using in business projects. The ready-made players will save you hours and make your elearning course professional-looking and engaging. All templates consist from 13 to 17 slides, including Knowledge Check section with single and multiple choice quizzes.

    The iSpring Templates are among the most popular elearning assets due to a wide range of features and easy customization. On the stage of the development we have taken into account the principles of instructional design in order to simplify the work of elearning developers and to provide better mastering of the educational material. It could be easily inserted in any elearning project.

    Feel free to select one of the most suitable PowerPoint template to quickly create your personal e-Learning course or presentation with original design and user-friendly navigation. The complete list of products and all the details is available here. Enjoy :-)

  • Half off everything! 50% off elearning assets


    On the eve of the New Year eLearningchips has prepared a special Christmas offer for corporate clients. Get one of the three certificates and receive your personal discount on all purchases during the year.

    The discount amount is determined by the nominal value of the certificate. For more details see full description here.

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