The Benefits of Cooperation

  • Up to 50% commission for each successfully sold artwork

  • You’re free to set your own price for each uploaded artwork

  • Sales for both Standard and Extended Licenses

  • No exclusivity (you’re free to sell your artworks on other stocks without any restrictions)

  • Thematic classification and assistance in loading to ensure the high-quality of your artworks

  • Adding tags and description to save your time (we do all routine work for you)

  • Complete sales statistics in personal account

1. General Provisions

This Agreement specifies the legal relationship between the Contributor and eLearningchips. Contributor appoints eLearningchips as an agent which distributes and licenses Contributor’s Artworks.

eLearningchips get the right for reproducing, using, publishing, republishing, compression, forwarding, posting, editing, creating and selling printed copies or otherwise created copies to the exhibition, public display and distribution of Contributor’s Artworks.

Buyers get the right for reproducing, using, publishing, republishing, compression, forwarding, posting, exhibition, public display and distribution of Contributor’s Artworks with no rights to sell them to third parties. Also in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, Contributor grants the right for and guarantees non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual license, giving to Buyer the right to use the Contributor’s Artworks all over the world, in full compliance with the terms and conditions of the Buyer’s License Agreement.

2. The rights and liabilities of the parties:

  • eLearningchips makes all commercially reasonable efforts to protect Contributor’s Artworks from unauthorized downloading and distribution;

  • eLearningchips has the right to edit information and to correct mistakes in the Contributor’s Artworks at own discretion;

  • eLearningchips decides whether Contributor’s Artworks meets eLearningchips Website requirements;

  • eLearningchips has the right to remove, edit, delete or block any text message or Contributor’s Artwork, which is recognized as violating this Agreement or the copyright, the right of private or intellectual property, or recognized as such for any other reason. The Contributor agrees with confiscation of any Fees paid for such Artworks;

  • In order to optimize the resources of the Website library, eLearningchips reserves the right to periodically delete Contributor’s Artworks that have not been sold for a long time, have been deactivated, or rejected by Website moderator;

  • eLearningchips reserves the right to use Contributor’s confidential information, any data, programs, Artworks, etc., and pledges to ensure protection of confidential information in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Website. The Contributor is responsible for all the information that he/she provides to eLearningchips;

  • eLearningchips has the right to use Contributor’s Artworks for commercial and promotional purposes of the Website. The Contributor agrees that, when Artworks are used for these purposes, Fee is not paid;

  • eLearningchips, its owners and employees are not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from intentional or accidental actions in connection with the use or inability to use the Artwork submitted to the Website, malfunction of any kind or the termination of the Website, and as a consequence the loss of business information, profit or other financial losses on behalf of the Contributor or the Buyer;

  • The Contributor understands and accepts that this Agreement between Contributor and eLearningchips prohibits him/her to upload Artworks infringing copyright, intellectual property rights, trademark rights, any such property rights;

  • Deleting Contributor’s Artworks from the Website is carried out either by the Contributor or by an eLearningchips moderator upon Contributor’s request;

  • Contributor can post their works on any other stock, without restrictions;

3. Warranties and Representations

Accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Contributor warrants and represents:

  • The Contributor has necessary rights to enter into this Agreement and is the author or owner of all necessary copyright and intellectual property rights on the Contributor’s Artworks and on all its elements;

  • Contributor can provide license rights for the Artworks;

  • The Contributor’s Artworks contain complete, adequate and necessary supporting information for its effective sales on the Website, the supporting information is complete, accurate and does not contain false, inappropriate or contradictory meta-data, does not contain supporting information, that violates copyright and any other related rights;

  • Contributor’s Artworks, depicting people and / or private property, that Contributor supplies to Website, should be accompanied by the appropriate release;

  • Contributor’s Artworks, provided to the Website, are the Contributor’s original work;

  • Contributor’s Artworks were not used, and will not be used by Contributor to create logos, trademarks;

  • Contributor’s Artworks do not contain any mechanism or means of protections that hinders the use or copying of Contributor’s Artworks in cases permitted by this Agreement or Buyer’s License Agreement;

  • Contributor’s Artworks do not contain harmful program code, viruses, do not contain other mechanisms and devices that can delete, modify, disrupt the Contributor’s Artwork or Website, or cause damage to equipment, computer systems, they do not contain anything affecting the availability or the possibility of using the Contributor’s Artwork or the Website;

4. Reward Payment

  • The revenue is distributed equally between both parties, eLearningchips and the Contributor (see details);

  • Contributor can determine the price for his/her Artworks, including zero value of the Artwork (free distribution)

  • Fee payout is made after reaching the minimum amount of $ 50 on the Contributor’s personal account;

  • The File can be selected for the discount sale, about what Contributor would be notified within 7 days prior before the beginning of the campaign. The Contributor can refuse to sell his/her Files on special offer by notifying eLearningchips by e-mail no later than one day before the campaign start. If no response, it shall be considered as Contributor’s consent on discount sale of his/her File(s). Fee percentage remains unchanged, but the cost is calculated out of promotional price, which leads to lower Fee;

  • Terms and Fee percentage may vary. eLearningchips is bound to notify Contributor about all changes in advance by e-mail. If Contributor does not accept changed (new) terms of the Agreement, Contributor may stop working with eLearningchips;

  • Contributor’s Fee for Artworks sold to Buyer during a transitional period of thirty (30) days, in the case of termination of this Agreement, shall be paid to Contributor, in full compliance with this Agreement;

5. Termination of Agreement

This Agreement is valid until its termination.

Agreement termination at the initiative of Contributor:

Contributor has the right and the ability to terminate present Agreement at any time by notifying eLearningchips moderator by e-mail in thirty (30) days before the desired date of termination. Contributor’s Artworks will be deleted from the Website the day before the expiration of this Agreement.

Agreement termination at the initiative of eLearningchips:

If Contributor is suspected of fraudulent activities, or violations of the terms and conditions of Provisions 2. The rights and liabilities of the parties and 3. Warranties and Representations of this Agreement, eLearningchips has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally and to stop cooperation with Contributor and payout of Contributor’s Fee for Artworks sold to the Buyer. In this case all Contributor’s Artworks would be deleted from the Website, Contributor’s account would be blocked, account money – confiscated, Contributor would be notified about this by e-mail.

Contributor understands and accepts the responsibility and risks of any kind, arising from any use of the Website by Contributor.

By accepting this Agreement, Contributor confirms that he/she has read this Agreement and understands its provisions, and has had the opportunity to get independent legal advice. Contributor agrees to grant the Buyer of his/her Artwork(s) non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual, license, authorizing the use of Artwork(s) all over the world, in full compliance with the terms and conditions of Buyer’s License Agreement, without the right to sub-license and transfer it to third parties, which allows to use, change, modify in whole or in part Artwork’s content, for creation of any Final Product within the permitted use, but does not grant the copyright to the Artwork and / or intellectual property rights. Contributor agrees with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Please Note: The original, legally binding version of this Agreement is written in English. The text of the Agreement is translated into Russian for convenience of users only.

6. Definitions

Term used Meaning
Contributor is an individual or a legal entity who is the author or owner of all rights for the Contributor’s Artwork(s) which he/she supplies to Website for display, transfer or for sale to Buyers.
Buyer is a registered user of the Website that can buy rights for usage of Contributor’s Artworks, presented on the Website.
Website is eLearningchips website which includes related hardware, software, databases, Contributor’s Artworks, interfaces, algorithms, registered users and their data
Fee is money reward to Contributor from sales of his/her Artworks on eLearningchips Website, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement
Contributor’s Artworks vector and raster images, software templates, audio / video files
Final Product the product obtained by modification of author’s artworks, requiring a combination of skills and efforts. a) for such author’s artwork as software template, the final product is a customized realization of this template. For example: If the author’s artwork is a e-learning course template, the final product is considered to be an e-learning course, filled with any information and media files. b) for other types of author’s artworks, the Final Product is a work that incorporates the author’s artwork as well as other things, so that it is larger in scope and different in nature than the author’s artwork. For example: if the author’s artwork is a graphic character, the Final Product is considered to be a course or a brochure that includes this character.