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Confident Manager Vector Character With Icon Set

Confident Manager Vector Character With Icon Set

  • Character: young man;
  • Appearance: European;
  • Profession: business man, manager, quality expert, tutor, narrator, business coach, designer, lawyer, engineer, programmer, counsellor, trader, web-analytic, etc.;
  • Front: smiling, cheerful, black hair, short haircut, Hollywood smile, office and business tools;
  • Clothes: white shirt, black trousers, tie;
  • Application area: web-design projects (e-learning, marketing, advertising, etc.);
SKU: CHAR_014_SET_0067

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Confident Manager Vector Character With Icon Set. Dressed in business clothes such as black trousers, short-sleeved shirt and tie. There are also icons of his working accessories: a briefcase, pen, paper notes, etc. Highly professionally designed. Would be a perfect addition for web and print related projects.

Image is available in raster (.png) and vector (.eps) formats. Choose the one that meets your requirements. Additionally, you can modify any detail of a vector image in accordance with its features. Feel free to browse our collection of vector artworks and pick any item that you like. Create powerful elearning projects with our amazing vector characters!

Technical details

  • Software: Adobe Illustrator;
  • Software version: CS10;
  • Raster file format: Raster PNG 4000 X 4000 300dpi;
  • Vector file format: EPS;

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