Preparing For Exhibition Dialogue — Storyline Template

Preparing For Exhibition Dialogue — Storyline Template

  • Category: elearning templates
  • Type: storyline template / interaction
  • Software: Articulate Storyline 2 / 3 / 360
  • Group: dialogues and scenarios / quizzes
  • Class: scenario-based
  • Basic color: variegated
  • Features: interactive elements for creating dialogues


SKU: DLG_001_ASL_0015

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Storyline Preparing For Exhibition Dialogue Template. It consists of few interactive slides and illustrates a conversation between a young female manager and a handsome designer. The learner must pass a single choice quiz to complete the dialogue. He will be offered to choose among three options for the following speech of the hero. Feedback messages are illustrated with relevant reactions of the subordinate. It is possible to choose another answer if the first one was unsuccessful. The unique template is based on Articulate Storyline 2. It would be a perfect choice to check learner’s knowledge. Interaction is compatible with any type of Articulate Storyline Course Player. It’s already designed and prepared for usage.

Storyline Templates are one of the most popular solutions among elearning developers. Extensive functionality allows creating powerful elearning projects. Great for both novice and elearning professionals.

Technical details

  • Can be published for: Flash, HTML5, CD
  • Best display on: PC/Tablet
  • Runs on: PC, tablet, mobile devices
  • Flash browsers supported by: Internet Explorer 8 and later, Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version), Safari 7 and later
  • HTML5 browsers supported by: Google Chrome (latest version), Safari 7 and later
  • Viewing ОS: Windows, Android, iOS

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