Chef Holding Cleaver And Grill Fork Cutout Image

Chef Holding Cleaver And Grill Fork Cutout Image

  • Type: photo;
  • Photo Model: Chef
  • Category: cutout character;
  • Appearance: European, male, young man, adult, guy, brown hair, short haircut, bearded, chef, cook, catering employee, worker, staff, professional, service, culinary, attractive, nice, handsome, good-looking, with knife, with cleaver, with grill fork, holding, using, cutting, smiling, happy, cheerful, focused, cooking;
  • Style: chef’s uniform, black double-breasted coat, classic pants and shoes;
  • Posture: open;
  • Background: transparent;
  • Application area: web-design projects (e-learning, marketing, advertising, etc.) ;
SKU: PH_007_Chef_110

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High-quality cutout image of a good-looking chef cooking something. He is holding a cleaver with a right hand and a grill fork with a left hand. His eyes are directed at the camera. The photo can be used to illustrate a handsome young man dressed in chef’s uniform. It would be a perfect addition to any kind of web and print related projects. The presence of a transparent background greatly facilitates the process of working with the photo.

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Technical details

  • Raster PNG 217 X 500 300dpi Size S
  • Raster PNG 433 X 1000 300dpi Size M
  • Raster PNG 866 X 2000 300dpi Size L
  • Raster PNG 2157 X 4982 300dpi Size XL
  • Raster PNG 2157 X 4982 300dpi Size XL (Extended License)

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