New course starter template designed with Adobe Captivate is already available on stock. It would be a great choice to create any training course for students and employees. The template is filled with graphic content and cutout people images which are used to illustrate the course participants.

The course starter template consists of 40 slides: various non-interactive layouts and interactive slides like steps, grids, tabs, etc. It contains such types of test tasks as tests with single / multiple choice, three drag-and-drops, and fill-in the blank quizz. The template is designed with Adobe Captivate 9. It is compatible with Captivate 2017 and higher. Launches well on both PCs and mobile devices with a screen diagonal above 7 inches.


Global Business Interactive Slides — Adobe Captivate

All interactions from the course starter template are also available separately. It is possible to take only those slides that you need, without purchasing the whole course template. Just browse through our Adobe Captivate templates library and pick the interactions you like.