Dear customers,

For the past six days, every citizen of Ukraine are in a new bloody reality: residential neighborhoods have been bombed, loud shots have been fired in peaceful cities and columns of military equipment have been moving on Ukraine’s roads. Ukrainian soldiers are dying on the front line while women and children are forced to hide in bomb shelters.

We would like to inform you that Technomatix, the owner and main contributor of the eLearningchips store, does not cooperate with the companies of the Russian Federation and stops providing any services to the companies of the Republic of Belarus.

We strongly condemn the aggression of the invaders and as the only official distributor of Articulate software in Ukraine and the CIS, appealed to the headquarters of Articulate to impose sanctions on the sale of products in Russia and Belarus.

Our company seeks to contribute to the victory of Ukraine. To this end, on a volunteer basis, our staff is ready to create training materials for the Armed Forces, medical institutions, territorial defense, civilians or to meet any other needs to save lives and bring victory to Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine!